The Benefits of Stainless Steel Balustrade and Hand Railing

Steel balustrade gets noticed a lot. If you have ever walked up what looks, and feels, like a sleek, modern staircase with attractive wiring or poles running horizontally through the steel balustrades or steel hand railing, you know what balustrade is. Gleaming balustrade can add glamour to even the blandest staircase. There are more advantages to steel balustrade beside aesthetic ones. Here are just a few to consider.

Blends Well

Stainless steel balustrade blends well with just about any décor from contemporary to rustic. It works well with other materials like wood, glass or stone. These give the balustrade a contrasting but appealing look. This detail can make any staircase in any type of décor stand out in a beautiful way. It mixes and blends easily so it is something to consider no matter what type of look you have in mind for your home or office.


Steel balustrade is made to last. When compared to wood which can fade, scratch, or split steel can go for decades with minimal maintenance and few repairs. They never rust and can stand up to both indoor and outdoor use. Once they have been fitted and installed, they do not need anything but an occasional cleaning. According to Mimeos Energy,  stainless steel balustrading will last longer than other materials in harsh direct sunlight.

Create Luxury For Less

You can opt to have a mirrored or satin finish with stainless steel balustrades. These both give a luxurious look to any space. Imagine how steel gleams against a dark, mahogany wood handrail. Another option to consider is pairing it with glass for an of-the-moment, eye-catcher (check out Majestic Glass blog for a few tips). When they are curved around, they can evoke classic Hollywood glamour. Make them simple by using contrasting angles if you prefer.

On-site Fabrication

Most stainless steel balustrades or handrails are installed and fitted on site. This contrasts with other materials which are made in a factory, fitted and then brought to the site to be assembled. The advantage of having them fitted onsite is that they get installed with much more precision and much less chance of error. A fabricator will also be happy to polish the balustrades after the installation which saves you time and trouble.

The above are just four benefits of steel balustrades. Are you thinking of adding a modern twist to your home or office? Come and talk with us at Dee Five Trading.

We have the skills and experience to deliver a truly custom piece that will be sure to get attention in the most flattering way. Phone us on 078 363 6688 and give us an idea of what you have in mind. Then, hire us and put our skills and craftsmanship to the test. We guarantee to impress you with our work.

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