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How do you clean stainless steel balustrades?
Some of the easiest ways to clean stainless steel balustrades are with soapy warm water and a sponge. This can dry with a microfiber cloth or left to “air dry.” Stainless steel is a low maintenance material and aesthetically pleasing when complemented with contemporary structures.

How do you clean stainless steel stairs?
Just like the stainless steel balustrades, all you need is a mild soapy water solution. First, sweep up the debris and loose dirt on the surfaces. Thereafter you can either use a sponge or a soft mop or clean the steps. You can rinse off the soaped up steps with clean water and thereafter dry it with a dry mop or clean cloth.

What is not good to use on stainless steel?
Stainless steel even though hard and robust is bound to scratch. This is something that can’t truly be prevented, but, minimised. Never use abrasive detergents with microbeads or other "scratchy" substance inside. You should also avoid using hard brushes and scoured sponges on stainless steel surfaces. If there is damage to the surface by hard materials, it could lead to rusting and deteriorating. This won’t look great.

Does stainless steel rust in the rain?
Stainless steel is not only low maintenance but also excellent for exteriors because it isn’t prone to rust unless it is somehow damaged. Still, in some unique instances, the weather could play a role in causing the material to rust in the case of fog, moisture and rain.

Is rubbing alcohol safe on stainless steel?
Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) is safe on stainless steel. It helps to remove fingerprints and because of its composition, it dries quickly and streak-free. Use it along with a soft cloth on your stainless steel surfaces.

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We try to beat any written quote!

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